Technology Evangelist

Technology Evangelist


I’m a techie. Almost a decade after starting my corporate career at Apple, I’m finally ready to admit it, I’M A TECHIE!  I LOVE new technology.  More importantly, I understand that while (most) new technology is exciting, technology that has the potential to profoundly impact millions and millions of lives is truly the most transformative. Think iPod v. MP3,  iPhone v. Blackberry, iPad v. Microsoft Tablet, etc — you get the point, right? 

During my years at Apple, I focused on working with third party developers to design, develop and distribute apps and games capable of pushing Apple’s platform boundaries from a hardware and software standpoint. Quite simply, we looked at Apple’s devices as canvasses (the best canvasses in the world, might I add ;-), for developers to create their masterpieces on.  I am proud to say I was a part of the building and designing many of these products.  You can see some of the projects I’ve worked on below — you’ll probably recognize a few! ;-) 

Now that I’m on my own, my passion for technology and the desire to help people build great products hasn’t gone anywhere. I’m currently working on a few passion projects and some really cool ideas I’ve been cultivating for years now.  I’m also doing a bit of iOS consulting. Want to connect? Hit me up!


Notable Projects


App Store Editorial Awards


Apple TV


I had the honor to being an integral part of launching the tvOS platform.  Part of my job was to identify developers and games capable of being extraordinary platform launch titles. I worked with with these developers to build games specifically for the platform and its new features, then drove the creative direction for the launch event presentations, including script writing for the product Keynote.


iPhone 7 

For the iPhone 7 launch, I worked with Executive teams to select games with the potential to embody key features of new product. After selecting content, I collaborated with developers to define creative direction of a stage demo that would illuminate all key Apple messaging. I then assisted in the development of engaging presentation for the launch Keynote which highlighted “OZ: Broken Kingdom” by ThisGameStudio.


Apple Watch 

I helped to launch the Apple Watch Platform and drove developer understanding of design and interaction models for this new product category. I guided developers through technical and design roadblocks and eventually lead project management efforts, coordinating engineering, design and legal resources to ensure successful completion of Pokémon Go project for Apple Watch - bringing the first $1B game to the platform.